About Us

At Ashlar Kidz, we strongly believe in the above philosophy and we have put our heart and soul into making this true for young learners. The relationship, they form with education at this stage stays for lifetime. It is our endeavour to make this relationship a healthy one where kids look forward two studying rather than being forced to study.

We met a lot of kids, asked them a numerous questions, observed their behaviours under different conditions, made them go through a lot of activities, gave them physical tasks to perform. We at Ashlar Kidz, also did an in-depth secondary research, went through exceedingly long and sometimes boring papers on kids’ brains, their physical attributes, learning process.

We also interviewed teachers across the country, listened to their view points, the difficulties they face in teaching and making kids learn. The ideas they have for making education more fun and interesting for the restless young minds.

Finally we met parents, heard their stories, experiences of raising their kids , the problems they faced in making their young ones study, why somebody’s kid is more interested in studies than others etc.

Along with all these, we also studied the more evolved and child friendly education system of some of the western countries.

The result is the series of innovative books made with pure love, where we have taken care of even the smallest of the details which make a big difference in the education experience of a child!